Sometimes not everything go as planned. There are some events that are very difficult to predict or the time they will occur and as a result, one tends to plan on uncertaintly of events. Some of these events encourages us and some bring great discouragement. Therefore, one’s life is constantly faced with both positivity and negativity but is how we handle the negativity that tells how strong we are. How we handle the negative greatly depends on our believe system and our future expectations and note that how much a person believes is how much a person knows. It is truly difficult to believe in something you don’t know.

if you believe that you can make it through difficult times, you will not get faustrated or angry when things don’t go according to plan but you will see that the events are somehow leading you to your desired position. And if you expect to be a great person tomorrow, you wouldn’t get angry when someone corrects you. What exactly do i mean by negativity? With respect to a particular person, negativity is the deviation from one’s expectation. So failing an exam you wanted to pass and meeting someone you claimed to hate can all feel as negative experiences but this things may not be so negative at all, rather there may be happening to cause you to question your actions and examine your life so as to make appopriate changes.

Getting angry and breaking things around you doesn’t implies strength but rather implies weakness and inability to handle circumstances. Fighting when provoked does mean you are strong it only implies that you are incapable of exercising self-control. Contrary to what others say, i believe that life is long enough to do whatever you desire but people just waste most of it complaining and fighting over insignificant things. People handle negativity so poorly that they never see the positive aspects.

Have a positive mindset and you will enjoy most of your life. It’s never too late but it’s getting late.

come let us reason together.


The WaY OuT: Energy use

energy consumption and pollution of the environment has been a major
concern since the last century. we need to have the ability to consume
energy and yet minimize pollution and the good news is it is very possible but the bad news is we need money and knowledge to create machines with higher efficiency such that we will be able to collect most of the renewable energy and convert it to whatever energy we require like electrical energy, light energy, mechanical energy and other useful forms of energy.
We are aware of the fact that renewable sources of energy like solar energy, hydro-electrical energy and geo-thermal energy gives little amount of energy on
thier own but when combined gives a lot of energy but to see how this is possible let us review these three sources of energy in a tabular form below;

energy sources/station advantages disadvantages
solar energy/station easy to setup
low maintenance cost
low efficiency
requires large space for large power output
hydro-electrical power energy/station high efficiency
low maintenance cost
high construction cost
requires a water reservoir
geothermal energy/station high ouput power
high efficiency
high construction cost
high maintenance cost

From the table above, we can see that the only thing we are bothered about is the high maintenance cost for the geo-thermal power station but with the increasing technology and discoveries, it shouldn’t be a problem to construct and maintain the station. One other thing we can do to bring maintenance cost for this power station to a minimum is to use the best quality of equipments or utilities during construction. This process will definitely increase the construction cost by over 90% but it will greatly reduce maintenace cost. It will be like buying a good car for a high price so that you spend very little for years to come doing maintenance.

our next goal is to figure out how we will couple all three power stations to get the power we need to run a clean (no pollution) power station. well, technically there will be pollution but let’s say it will be very negligible when compared to any other power station.
Before actually coupling these power sattions, let’s see how each one functions:

solar power station: mirrors reflect heat waves from the sun unto a water tank which
causes production of steam at high kinetic energy which can be used to run a generator/alternator,or a motor.
also, photo voltaic cells can be mounted and connected in parallel-series connection onto a plate (frame) positioned at a nice angle to the sun where the high energetic photons hit the electrons from the cells which causes it to flow through a wire hence causing current to flow.

hydro-electric power station: water from a high altitute comes down under free-fall and drives a blade which drives (rotates) the rotor of an alternator that produces electricity.

geothermal power station: a metal U-shaped metal pipe is sent right deep into the ground such that the pipes experiences a high level of thermal energy because it moves away from the crust and towards the core. water is sent through the pipe and heated to steam which is then used to run a propeller (blade) that tends to rotate an alternator which produces electricity.

it’s important to note that water is used in all three stations, so provision for water supplly must always be included when calculating the budget for the whole system.

Also, all the three stations produces electrical energy at the output. This is because electrical energy is easily generated and can easily be converted from one form to another.

consider the diagram below


The renewable sources of energy discussed above causes minute harm to the environment when compared to coal, fossil fuel or other sources of energy.Thereby using this combined system can give us enough power to produce enough hydrogen which can be used as a very clean fuel and we can also be able to compress hydrogen in tanks and use it to drive or cars thereby eliminating the short-term
use of electric cars and their associated low torque. With this success, we can replace petrol stations with hydrogen-pump stations or we use the hydrogen as input to another system that will compress air in a tank and extract oxygen. And if we are able to produce oxygen at low cost, we can increase the efficiency of our fossil fuels by supplying more oxygen to it during combustion.
This trend will tend to cause low level of pollution and high efficiency.

construction cost of the combination of the 3 in one power plant will be high but once it’s done, it will change everything and we will be able to do things we thought were impossible.

i will discuss more on this later. so pass by to check

come let us reason together


fear motivation

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Fear is something we are constantly warned about both in our spiritual and physical growth. It is highly discouraged because of the negative consequences it brings. Fear has been the major cause of most of the problems in the world today. you may begin to wonder what fear has got to do with global crises but the answer is “quite a lot”.
when there is no fear in you, you don’t need to build weapons, it’s fear of foreign invasion that is forcing north Korea to build weapons of mass destruction or fear of terrorists invasion and other united forces that is causing USA to keep upgrading in their weapons everyday. you see, fear is the cause of the same things we are afraid of. It’s the fear of death that will cause a man to fight back and in doing so lose his life in the process or the fear of dictatorship that will cause a population to rebel against sovereign but in doing so creates an even stronger and ruthless dictator or fear can cause a government to apply unnecessary force to solve a political problem. Technically, what we are afraid of is what tends to affect us more. The christian book the bible went around this effect and use it for an advantage saying “fear only the lord thy GOD”. This saying doesn’t actually cancels the effect of fear but rather use it for an advantage which is if you fear God, he will impact your life more and God impacting a man’s life is actually a good thing so at the end, Christians lose nothing by fearing God. But it is unfortunate that many people fear death, poverty, relationships and many other unnecessary things not knowing that the fear of death is the fear of life, the fear of poverty is the fear riches and the fear of a broken relationship is the fear of a healthy one.
As for me, i was afraid of fear itself. I don’t like to be afraid. When i found this out after critical thinking, i discovered that it was unwise for me to be afraid of fear because the more i did was the more it controlled me, so i tried to reason out who in the multiverse controlled fear and i found none that was of flesh but one that was spirit and that person was/is God. I also found out something, something that was a secret in plain sight which is “if you fear God, you gain control over fear itself“.
you may not accept what is written above but i was not giving a suggestion, i was rather giving a fact.

now that you know the secret of fear, it is left for you to make the choice, control fear or allow fear control you


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The following applies only to the observable universe
Why is there evil in the world?, why is there hatred?, why is there love? The answer is simple, anti-infinity rule. For something to have meaning and appreciated it must have an opposing partner which means it must be limited.
This means nothing is infinite in this universe, not even time. if infinity is attributed to any substance, it will disrupt the universe itself, it will imply that there is nothing as good or bad judgement (absence of freewill) it will imply that nothing can be done about something that
is infinite. This will imply that no matter what type or amount of energy is put in, change will not still happen. But as discussed in th previous post, every effect has cause and therefore cause is directly proportional to effect. If cause must be directly proportional to effect, it means as you increase cause, effect must also increase. mathematically, cause ∝ effect therefore cause = constant x effect. But if something is done to resist the effect, it means an opposing cause will develop which will end up leading to the intended opposing effect, so a cause cannot create an infiniite effect. This implies that the constant in the formular cause = constant x effect is that property that resist the effect. mathematically, the constant = resistance. This implies that cause = resistance x effect.

From the formular above, we can understand many things now like why peace cannot last forever if we define peace as an effect that occurs as
a result from love, we can come out with the expression love ∝ peace, and since love will be opposed by hatred, we have the formular love = hatred x peace. This implies that if we keep love constant, we have to reduce the level of hatred in order for peace to increase. from this equation we can understand why loving only your friends cannot ensure peace and the reason is that if you love only your friends and hate your
enemies, it will imply that both love and hatred will almost be at thesame level and this trend cause peace to go to a minimum. Therefore if you want peace to reign, you must love your friends and at thesame time avoid hating your enemies, therefore love your friends and your enemies and peace will reign. I didn’t use the Bible, Qur’an, or some other religious book to prove this, so you don’t even have to believe in the books to know that what i’m saying is true [but it will be easier for you if you believe in the bible]. The main equation above can be used to analyze
and solve problems in many categories. For instance, if you have a problem in a country like war, you can come out with equations like;

hatred = love x war

jealousy = prayers x war

pride = humility x war

In the equations above, the word before the ‘=’ sign is the cause, the word before the ‘x’ sign is the resistance and the word after the ‘x’ sign is the effect. so for a single effect (war), we have diffrent resistances (love, prayers, humilty) and different causes (hatred, jealousy, pride). By looking at the equations, we can say that if we want to stop war in a country, we must reduce the level of hatred, jealousy and pride amongst the people in that country and increase the level of love, prayers and humility. you can create your own equations based on your observation and logical thinking using the main equation above.

Whether you understand the points above or not, it must be noted that nothing can last forever, it’s left for you to prolong or shorten the time for which a thing last to the greatest of your ability.

We can come up with the following points after reading the above statements with a critical mindset:

– it doesn’t matter where you were born (resistance), if you put sufficient effort (cause), you will accomplish whatever you want (effect)

– suiciders are stupid because they have assume that they is no other way for something to workout unless they die. [there is always another way as the equation says it.]

– you can’t be doing thesame thing (cause) everytime and expecting a different result(effect). if you discover that what you are doing is
not producing the desired result, you should increase in the level of work or change to a whole plan but do this only after you have done necessary calculations. example: if you were praying 1 hour a day for peace to come to cameroon and peace has not yet come, it implies that there is sufficient resistance to oppose your prayers and this implies that you need to start praying more than 1 hour a day in order to overcome the resistance and bring peace.

– if you don’t want something (effect) to last, stop doing the things (cause) that increases it and start doing the things (resistance) that reduces it.


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come let us reason together


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Have you ever been thinking about someone or telling someone about a person and then he/she calls you or walk up to you? or have you ever sang a song in your mind and during the process you heard someone singing that same song? what do you always say or what do you always think the cause is? many say it is a coincidence. The people who say that an occurence is a coincidence cannot really be blamed for saying so but the truth is, nothing is ever a coincidence. Everything that happens has a perfect explanation for why it happened but the problem is some of the explanations are so strange that it brings about skepticism or so difficult that many are reluctant to understand but the fact remains true that for every occurence there is a reason. Although you may not believe, your brain constantly emits waves (some call it brain waves) which are responsible for carrying energy from you to another person (i call this energy transhuman energy) or to an object (i call this energy transcontinental energy) which will then triger the other person to do or say thesame thing. The end results can be offset in time if the brain recieving the waves causes a phase difference in the incoming brain waves. This phase difference can cause two people to say thesame thing but with a miliseconds delay of one person words (note that this delay can also be caused by a sudden change in incoming waves). When it comes to humans influencing objects like books and and glasses, interaction of brains are not necessary but rather interaction of continental energy and object field (a region of space aroung all objects capable of changing the physical state of the objects if enough energy is applied to it). This field is not like the scientific force-field but has profound similarities. If you think hard enough that a glass will break and constanly believe that the glass will break, the galss will actually break because the continental energy from your brain will interact with the object field of the glass and if the continental energy is high enough, the glass will break. Note that an object field store up transcontinental energy untill it cannot hold it anymore and when this happens it will dissipate the energy in the form of a phyical action on the said object. That is why if you imagine a glass breaking at this moment, it will not break because the transcontinental energy has not been stored enough but if you keep imagining the glass breaking every time you wake up, it will surely break.

So whatever you do, say or think has effects on someone or something, therefore it is wise to do,say or think positively so that the end results never affects you or anyone in ways you don’t want and before you say something is a mere coincidence, you should think well because as we have discovered, nothing is ever a coincidence.

For this reason we can agree that for every effect, there is a cause.

Join me on my next post as we discover that although there is a cause for every effect, there is also a resistance to every cause. we will developthe equation cause = resitance x effect.

come let us reason together


In the old days, people like Abram (later called Abraham), moses, Elijah and many other prophets and servants of God experienced high level closure with God. We had moses that could talk to God as a man talk to his friend, Elijah that could call to God and in no time recieve a response, Abraham that made a convenant with God and many more. But as time went on, sin was increasing drastically and as a result people stoped talking to God in a conversational manner. Discussions with God became one sided and people had to just believe that God had heard what they said even if they heard nothing back from God.

As sin increased, people began having visions, dreams and prophecies, Some even had to read weather sounds to believe it was God speaking. As time went on, diseases, violence and natural disasters went to knew heights and with the increasing gap between God and man, it meant that solutions could not come fast. But as God is loving and kind, he had to do something to compensate for the gap between Him and men and that compensation is what we call GRACE. But the gap was big and therefore it meant that someone had to actually come down from heaven to establish grace and that person was/is Jesus. But even with the coming of Jesus, it was clear that not every body will believe and have power to heal themselves from illnesses or pray and stop the wind from destroying their houses and so God gave us something we could use, something which is grace in another form and that thing is TECHNOLOGY. So simply, technology is grace.

Now that we have establish the fact that technology is a form of grace, we can clearly understand why some people pray and get healed and other people use drugs and still get well. But our aim is to establish a reason for the continuous increase in technology and that part becomes simple if we try to reason a condition for grace to improve. As we continuously sin, our problems continuously increase and because God is loving and kind, He therefore increases the level of grace upon us to compensate for our sin. So therfore, as we continuously sin, grace increases and since technology is a form of grace, it implies that it will increase also. So whenever you see technology improving know that people have also increased in their level of sin.

Come let us reason together.


many people go around saying that the world is evil and no one ever says “i’m evil” but the reality is the world is not evil by it’s very nature but rather it’s inhabitants make it evil and we are the inhabitants. we should stop blaming the world because as we do so, nothing changes and no one does anything to bring chnage because they believe the problem is not with them but rather with the world.

if we define the world as the general inhabitants of the earth capable of reasoning and acting in accordance with their thoughts and define change as a transition from one state to another, we can therefore say that each person is a fundamental unit of the world and and we can say we don’t just need change but rather we need a positive change. when you see yourself as the fundamental unit of the world, you will understand that for a positive change to occur, you must change yourself for the better. so the question “can we change the world?” can now be given a simple answer which is YES WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER. you are the fundamental unit of the world, you are what makes up the world, so from now on, change yourself and change will come to the world.

come let us reason together.

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